Bro. Bertrand Bonnick DDS Wins Outstanding Alumni Brother of the Year 2019 Award

Ward Bonnick Alumni Brother of the year 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada July 24, 2019 – Brother Bertrand Bonnick was presented with the prestigious Outstanding Brother of the Year Award on Saturday for outstanding Community Service, Leadership, Brotherhood and Academic Excellence. Dr. Bertrand Bonnick represented the Southern Region after winning the hotly contested prize over 4 other nominees from the Eastern, Western, South West, and Mid-Western Regions.

The Outstanding Alumni Brother of the Year Awards Ceremony has been a tradition within the Fraternity for the last 113 years. Every 2 years the different regions select their outstanding alumni brother to compete at the General Convention. The winner at the General Convention comes from one of five to represent all of the Fraternity’s region at the General Convention.

Ward Bonnick Alumni Brother of the year 2019

Bro. Dr. Everett B. Ward congratulated Dr. Bonnick on his winning the Fraternity’s top Alumni Award and honor the brothers of Kappa Lambda Chapter in Greensboro, who are proud to have done the community service work that supported his achievement. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated develop leaders, promote brotherhood and academic excellence, while providing service and advocacy for our communities. Bonnick Alumni Brother of the year 2019 2019 Las Vegas General Convention winners

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